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Need a Guide for Colorado Hunting Trips?

I shot a big horn sheep in Colorado with the help of some colorado hunting guides.  We decided to cook the sheep and make a stew as a full dinner course.  The meal turned out perfectly and with the help of our guide everything on the hunt went smooth as well.  Our eatery was glad that we contacted a guide instead of trying to plan the hunting trip ourselves.  We found our guide through a company that was advertising for hunting guides and hunting cooking.  Please visit our reference on deer hunting for more information.

On the trip to Colorado, we decided to enlisted the help of a Colorado Outfitter.  He was very knowledgable and helped us with equiping ourselves for the hunting expedition.  On the expedition while deer hunting in Colorado we came across several big horn sheep.  We also thought while in Colorado elk hunting that we could take in some scenery.  WOW we're we glad we did that, the mountains where absolutely beautiful.  All in all we had a great time in Colorado and we expect to go back soon.

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Our next expedition is going to be a hunting trips to Alaska.  We are unsure what to hunt for though.  Our friends said Dall sheep hunting is very exciting and we have thought about that.  Alaska bear hunting is the ultimate hunting trip, and I think my husband would find that to be some what of a challenge.  Bear hunting can also be dangerous, so we may re-think that as an option for our Alaskan hunt.  Also bear meat can be a bit gamey and not fit into our cuisine.  So the next two big game animals are Alaska caribou hunting and Alaskan moose.  The moose is a really big and territorial animal so hunting can be dangerous as well, so moose hunting in Alaska is probably out of the picture.  We will probably to to caribou hunting, that way we both can enjoy the hunt.  Until next time....happy hunting.