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Mohawk Hardwood Flooring – The New Thing in 2010 

Mohawk Hardwood flooring is an established and well known flooring company. Mohawk flooring offers an extensive array of flooring including everything from solid hardwoods and laminate to ceramic tiles and carpeting and engineered wood. Meticulous craftsmanship and premium materials are hallmarks of Mohawk Hardwood Flooring. 

Mohawk Laminate Flooring

Mohawk Wood Floors

Mohawk Zanzibar

Mohawk Santa Barbara

This 125-year old company based out of Calhoun, Georgia, has modeled its engineered hardwood floors using woods from dismantled buildings and home architecture, some even 600 years old. In some of the collections, even the old wood's natural antiquing and distressing can be seen, which adds to the wood's charm and appeal. Such distressing and antiquing methods can be seen in Antiquity, a line of hand scraped hardwoods featuring domestics like maple, oak, hickory, eucalyptus, pine, elm, and walnut. Antiquity offers a stunning array of exotic hand scraped hardwood floors featuring tigerwood, santos mahogany, gorgeous African padauk, elm, teak, heart pine, and cypress.

If you’re looking for domestic woods Mohawk Harwood floors offers the Santa Barbara collection. It is hand scraped and hand beveled, creating the most exquisite, textured hardwoods you've ever seen. It's as if the oak has been brought back to life, with the hand-scraping techniques bringing the wood's veins to the surface. Oak Harvest and Maple Light Amber are real crowd pleasers. This collection is super affordable with woods ranging from $3.99 to $4.09 per square foot.

Mohawk Rockford

Mohawk Evelynton Oak

Mohawk American Vintage

Zanzibar is another line offered by Mohawk Hardwood, all of the woods in this exotics collection are absolutely stunning! Antique Elm Natural has a buttery, caramel texture, while Antique Elm Walnut has an ethereal glow to it that will take your breath away! Antique Elm Chestnut is equally spectacular with a similar glow, but golden, and African Padauk's burgundy cast is just out-of-this world!

Mohawk Harwood flooring can accommodate almost all the design the features you want in your new flooring, from the species and style to the finish and edges as well as, the construction type and the installation method, whether you are a fan of contemporary, colonial or anything in between there are design styles to suit your personal style and preference.

For more information on hardwood floors and laminate flooring visit this resource.

Why Somerset Oak Flooring is Top Notch  

Making the Finest Flooring Available 

One of America’s best resources is the fine hardwood of the Appalachian Mountains and that is exactly where Somerset begins its quest to make the finest flooring products in the world.  Starting with the best wood is the first step in making the best hardwood flooring available on the market today.  Starting with inferior wood would result in an inferior product which Somerset would never be able to put its name on. 

Somerset Oak Gunstock

Somerset Oak Natural

Somerset Oak Flooring

From Start to Finish 

One way that Somerset Oak Flooring maintains the highest quality standard is that they have control over every step of the process from the time the trees are harvested until the finished product is shipped to stores or the end customer.  Since none of the work is subcontracted out, Somerset can be sure its high standards are met at each and every step of the process from the manufacturing, to the drying, milling, and finishing of the hardwood flooring.  That is the reason that this company assures that they consistently produce the highest quality flooring. 

Somerset High Gloss Oak

Somerset Character Oak

The Best Facilities and the Best People 

Making the best flooring starts with the best wood, of course, but beyond that Somerset processes that wood in the best state-of-the-art facilities in the world.  They are also committed to hiring the best people in the industry.  The skilled employees at Somerset share the company’s commitment to making the best product possible and that is what they do. 

Somerset High Gloss Butterscotch

Somerset High Gloss Saddle

Somerset High Gloss Natural

An Environmentally Safe Choice 

Somerset flooring is an environmentally conscious choice since trees are a renewable and sustainable resource.  You can trust that maintaining healthy and productive forests are our priority—not only are they essential to the world where our children are growing up, but our jobs, and the livelihood of hundreds of Somerset employees and their families depends on our forests.  The company supports the Sustainable Forestry Initiative which requires them to use environmentally sound procedures to ensure that more trees are planted then are harvested.  Somerset is one of only a few companies in the world to be so devoted to this that they hire their own forestry staff. 

For more information on Somerset Wood Flooring please visit the references listed above.